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patterns Sun 08 Dec 2019 18:52
<mark> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 37 moves (old: 154).
Nice first level been playing it all afternoon.
I got a couple of mods for this to toughen it up a bit and a lot.
<N7DOT> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 154 moves (old: 160).
used sphere to cut out some travel time
<N7DOT> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 160 moves (old: 166).
I imagine mark could probably come up with some clever puzzle from this if he tried his magic on it. As it stands, there's a bunch of interesting things set up but not really much in the way of a puzzle using the various pieces.
Robot Finds Exit Thu 28 Nov 2019 12:08
<icecream> I wonder how an AI would do at this level...
Did I miss something? Definitely! Thu 24 Oct 2019 13:16
<mark> (SPOILER) Added solution "old speedrun":
This is another way which i was going to up before getting undercut.

<mm> (SPOILER) Added solution "mm's solution":
Here it is, Mark!
<mark> (SPOILER) Added solution "Old solution":
solution I had before seeing the solution by mm.
<mark> (SPOILER) mm maybe you should reup your solution I did not realise my named solutions would overwrite your run, as ticked the non speedrun box.
Without your ending I would not have got my solutions so short.

<mark> (SPOILER) Added solution "and another ":
This level started off being quite hard now there is quite a few ways to go.
Did I mod something? Maybe! Thu 17 Oct 2019 01:34
<N7DOT> (SPOILER) Interestingly, when I first managed to solve your original mod, I completed it without using the "cheat panel", in a fashion totally unlike your intended solution but also totally unlike mm's solution. That solution inspired me to try and make a mod removing it, but I wanted to make it more difficult first, which is why I changed the panels up top.

That change turns out to be completely incompatible with my original solution, forcing me to come up with the much more complicated solution that I ended up submitting with the level.
Did I miss something? Definitely! Thu 17 Oct 2019 01:21
<N7DOT> (SPOILER) Alright, I got it. My solution is a bit different still, using the same strategy at the end to survive the laser as my version. That's not something new or novel though, so it's not worth making another mod for something like that when we've already got 4 mods of this one level in triage now.
<N7DOT> (SPOILER) Oh man, from the screenshot this one looks brutal. I had thought (after attempting it for a while) that having a panel with that role *somewhere* was a necessary requirement, and so tried to relocate it in an annoying and deceptive location. Guess I have to try and figure out the "impossible" for real now :p
Did I mod something? Maybe! Wed 16 Oct 2019 15:49
<mark> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 271 moves (old: 478).
Very nice but I think there is room for one more.
You forced me into solving how I was trying to do my first mod before I put the cheat dot in.
I've missed nothing Tue 15 Oct 2019 21:11
<N7DOT> (SPOILER) Nah, no need to tell me, I've figured it out now. All of the solutions seem quite different to me, so I think I'll be keeping this one for now.
<mark> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 135 moves (old: 223).
A fun mod been playing all evening, my solution or the speedrun to my mod is no good in this mod.
I have a very long and difficult solution that will give a big hint to my mod.
If you want I can post it to this for you just let me know.
<N7DOT> (SPOILER) me not noticing that is kinda ironic given the name of the leve, now that I think about it :p

I have no idea how similar the two mods are currently, but I suspect mine is probably easier since I currently don't know how to beat mark's version.
<N7DOT> I just realized mark already did a mod of this one, oops! I'm going to go compare this against that one to see whether I should keep this one.
pop1.2 Tue 15 Oct 2019 01:52
<N7DOT> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 399 moves (old: 485).
I took a look at that and have had no luck either. I'm not sure if it's possible, but if it is then I'd have to agree on it being an impressive solution. In the meantime, here's the promised speedrun I mentioned.
<mark> (SPOILER) Hi N7 good to see you back,I have solutions that go both ways and use both ways to wake door.
In the origanal pop1 you will see 2 rows of 8 green dots.
I had to remove the right ones to make this possible for me.If your solution could put them back or you could mod it and solve.That would be a stinker.

<N7DOT> (SPOILER) Whaaaaat? That's how you woke the door? I didn't think that way was even feasible and did it a different way instead. I also apparently did the start very differently, going down first instead of over the top. Not sure if I should just post my record (currently 399) or to make a pop1.3 in response, since I don't think it's really gonna be harder, and it might be more repetitive.
Conflicted Mon 14 Oct 2019 02:48
<N7DOT> Nice puzzle here. One thing I noticed when playing is that format of the original is oddly similar to the quarantined level "Bridge Out Redux" :P

Glad I decided to check back in here to see if there'd been any new things going on, looks like its been (relatively) active around here recently :)
Bates' Motel - The Sequel Mon 07 Oct 2019 17:30
<mark> (SPOILER) Added solution "Original Solve":
Forgot to uncheck speedrun box.
<mark> (SPOILER) (note: speedrun of 310 moves didn't break record; not added)
This was my first solve before mod.
Slightly different start to mission impossible start, different leaf pattern same ending.
RIP mission impossible.
<mark> (SPOILER) Added solution "Another way":
Did not use green block.
Klotski: Red Donkey Sat 05 Oct 2019 11:25
<noname> (SPOILER) When I first played this, I did not have a good idea what was going on with this level, even though I have tried Klotski before. I just had no idea how the 20 panel area corresponds to the play area, and no idea how the play area corresponds to a Klotski game. I only got the idea after reading the description at the author's webpage, but then the interface started to feel intuitive to me. I suppose the size restriction means that the interface is as good as it can be, so I guess I should not complain.

When I first tried Klotski, it took me a lot of effort to solve the Red Donkey, and I decided it's too time and energy consumming to invest into the game, so I stopped there. When this Escape version came out, I again was able to solve Red Donkey, but I gave up on the Trail (after lots of tries), and decided to look at the solution given by a link at the author's website. So I guess I'm not in a good position to judge the difficulty of both levels.

The solution website also contains the number of positions reachable from the start position, and as the number seems quite small in terms of computer brute force, I wrote a program to find the Escape-optimal solution for both Red Donkey and Trail. As these levels are relatively young on Escape, I think I would wait until they're older before releasing the solution.

Anyway, I guess I should be grateful that one can play Klotski at all with relatively intuitive controls as an Escape level, for the author must have taken lots of effort to make this happen. Thank you, Matt.
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