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"15th prime number" by mark

added 11 Dec 2015 02:20
Shortest Solution
Length487 moves
On29 Apr 2024 17:56

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21102 15th prime number mark (2878) Mon 29 Apr 2024 17:56 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 487 moves (old: 534).
I always wanted to know if this way was possible.
20013 15th prime number Jim (2369) Mon 07 Mar 2016 16:21 SPOILER
  I feel your frustration N7! You really need to be old like me, I still use the old version of escape on an old computer, and everything works great. The new version that only allows 1 save is crazy, it takes so much longer to solve any hard level because of that limitation. I'm not sure why Tom can't fix that, or at least make the old version of Escape available again.
20011 15th prime number N7DOT (2227) Sun 06 Mar 2016 04:11 SPOILER
----- warning: venting below -------

Right now I'm really frustrated over this level, not because of the level being bad, but cause I'm really angry at escape abruptly overwriting my progress IMMEDIATELY after I had finally gotten to where I wanted to be - I was going to bookmark, but when I was finishing, I accidentally hit enter instead of arrow keys (laptop layout problems...) and then without realizing it overwrote it as I pressed the final key.

What's worse is there's no way to express my anger right now and so it's just making me extremely uncomfortable since it feels like trying to let it out through writing just would make me sound stupid and I can't let it out in any other way without either waking everyone up or hurting myself... and it feels like anything could set that off which makes it feel just horrible...

It now feels as if it's literally impossible to do what I managed, which is making me even more irritated.

-------- end venting --------------

The level itself seems pretty clever, I have yet to solve it (in part due to the issues mentioned in the venting above).
20010 15th prime number Jim (2369) Sat 05 Mar 2016 21:47  
  Mark, this was an incredibly hard level. It took us one week in edit with making many modifications to even solve it that way. I would rate it a level nine to even be even able to solve it in edit. For anyone who wants to solve, that is a good challenge. It took us an additional two weeks to solve after that. We still couldn't believe that it could be accomplished. Fantastic level Mark!
20009 15th prime number Jim (2369) Sat 05 Mar 2016 21:33  
  Mark, thanks for the information, but we decided it would be easier if we went through our 800 moves over the phone.
20008 15th prime number mark (2878) Sat 05 Mar 2016 11:48  
  Hello Jim I have left you a message in the feedback section hope it might help you.
20007 15th prime number Jim (2369) Sat 05 Mar 2016 03:50  
  Both my brother and I have been working on this level. He wants to show me his latest bookmark so he sent me an attachment file called level4084.esx. How do I open this, my computer asks me what program I want to use to open it?
19973 15th prime number mm (690) Fri 11 Dec 2015 06:09  
  Thank you! Happy Birthday, Mark! :-)
19972 15th prime number mark (2878) Fri 11 Dec 2015 02:20  
  '15th prime number' uploaded by mark:
The long awaited sequel,unbeknown to you Jim and thanks for it you posted a comment on 46.
So here we have the next installment of yearly levels from me.
Ps happy anniversary mm.