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Skirting the issue no more Sun 13 Oct 2019 12:59
<mark> 'Skirting the issue no more' uploaded by mark.
Bates' Motel - The Sequel Sat 12 Oct 2019 06:06
<noname> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 149 moves (old: 175).
<mark> (SPOILER) Added solution "Original Solve":
Forgot to uncheck speedrun box.
<mark> (SPOILER) (note: speedrun of 310 moves didn't break record; not added)
This was my first solve before mod.
Slightly different start to mission impossible start, different leaf pattern same ending.
RIP mission impossible.
<mark> (SPOILER) Added solution "Another way":
Did not use green block.
Bates' Motel Mission Impossible Mon 07 Oct 2019 16:55
<mark> Moved to graveyard:
Not really needed does not force my solution.
noname you can claim your brilliant speedrun I wont take it.
I am going to post my solution to your level.
Ps I have found another one as well.
Klotski: Red Donkey Sat 05 Oct 2019 11:25
<noname> (SPOILER) When I first played this, I did not have a good idea what was going on with this level, even though I have tried Klotski before. I just had no idea how the 20 panel area corresponds to the play area, and no idea how the play area corresponds to a Klotski game. I only got the idea after reading the description at the author's webpage, but then the interface started to feel intuitive to me. I suppose the size restriction means that the interface is as good as it can be, so I guess I should not complain.

When I first tried Klotski, it took me a lot of effort to solve the Red Donkey, and I decided it's too time and energy consumming to invest into the game, so I stopped there. When this Escape version came out, I again was able to solve Red Donkey, but I gave up on the Trail (after lots of tries), and decided to look at the solution given by a link at the author's website. So I guess I'm not in a good position to judge the difficulty of both levels.

The solution website also contains the number of positions reachable from the start position, and as the number seems quite small in terms of computer brute force, I wrote a program to find the Escape-optimal solution for both Red Donkey and Trail. As these levels are relatively young on Escape, I think I would wait until they're older before releasing the solution.

Anyway, I guess I should be grateful that one can play Klotski at all with relatively intuitive controls as an Escape level, for the author must have taken lots of effort to make this happen. Thank you, Matt.
Hoola is back for more Sat 05 Oct 2019 10:59
<noname> (SPOILER) While I first solved this level by hand, it is just too tempting to use a computer program to solve this: only 4 movable objects! - which means the total state space is small enough for a computer to brute force. Since this level is quite young, I'll hold back the computer-found optimal solution until this is older, so that other players may have a chance to find it (perhaps by hand?)
Conflicted Sat 05 Oct 2019 10:43
<noname> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 123 moves (old: 299).
Did not use all the available blocks.
Rotary Club Again Sat 05 Oct 2019 10:40
<noname> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 246 moves (old: 259).
Solved differently.
Escape from Tetris Masters Sat 05 Oct 2019 10:37
<noname> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 149 moves (old: 231).
Bates' Motel Mission Impossible Sat 05 Oct 2019 10:34
<noname> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 149 moves (old: 292).
Nice level.
<mark> 'Bates' Motel Mission Impossible' uploaded by mark.
Bates' Motel - The Sequel Fri 04 Oct 2019 07:41
<mark> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 175 moves (old: 180).
I did not solve it this way, speedrun only came after seeing your solution.
So I will throw a mod back your way.
Ps the level was great thanks.
pop1.2 Fri 04 Oct 2019 07:31
<mark> 'pop1.2' uploaded by mark.
California Roll + Extra Hot Wasabi Sun 29 Sep 2019 02:02
<noname> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 694 moves (old: 1018).
End up being faster than my old speedrun...
Bates' Motel - The Sequel Sun 29 Sep 2019 01:52
<noname> 'Bates' Motel - The Sequel' uploaded by noname:
In response to someone's rigidity 9 rating.
Conflicted Fri 27 Sep 2019 11:18
<mark> 'Conflicted ' uploaded by mark.
Robot Prison Break Mon 23 Sep 2019 11:16
<mm> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 113 moves (old: 123).
Magic Trick bot kiss Mon 23 Sep 2019 10:36
<mm> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 422 moves (old: 432).
Nice one, too, thank you Mark!
Robot Prison Break Fri 20 Sep 2019 06:13
<mark> 'Robot Prison Break' uploaded by mark.
Hoola is back for more Fri 20 Sep 2019 06:13
<mark> 'Hoola is back for more' uploaded by mark.
Magic Trick (v4) Thu 19 Sep 2019 08:58
<mark> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 245 moves (old: 355).
Maybe a little bit of a clue?
Over 100 steps of last run.
Magic Trick bot kiss Fri 13 Sep 2019 07:28
<mark> 'Magic Trick bot kiss' uploaded by mark:
Two levels for the price of one,the down button being the easiest.
You must keep the hugbot alive until the end.
Rotary Club Again Wed 11 Sep 2019 13:50
<mm> (SPOILER) Added speedrun: 259 moves (old: 261).
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