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Improv(ish) 7.1 Thu 05 Mar 2015 19:58
<mm> Nice level, great mod!
Mods chat level Thu 11 Dec 2014 07:01
<mm> Hi all! I'm struggling with it as well...& haven't solved 11 & 12 yet. Hi Wowei, schoen, dass Du auch wieder hier bist!
Hearts and exit dilemma Tue 09 Dec 2014 14:12
<Jim> This is definitely a tough one, after sleeping on it I thought I figured out a way to solve it, but it doesn't work. Back to the drawing board, great level Mark.
Blocking 4 Mon 17 Nov 2014 04:50
<mark> Well done N7 and thanks for the original idea, it's never my intention when I mod a level that the original creator can't solve it so I'm glad you stuck at it.
As you know it's hard to keep coming up with good ideas but a mod here and there is quite easy so thanks again.
Bomb Ditty Mon 17 Nov 2014 04:34
<mark> Nice one devin I really liked this original idea and it was not to easy at first.
Spent whole afternoon playing it to try and find out it's potential and have come up with two sequels for different skill levels.
(V3) being the hardest as you can not kill the hugbot.
Please don't delete this level as it's a nice place to start learning the level.
Small fun 7 Sun 02 Nov 2014 16:43
<mm> Mark, your "small fun" levels are lovely! :-)
Secret Code Tue 21 Oct 2014 01:35
<N7DOT> Well, we've passed Level 4000 now. Anybody want to bet on when level 5000 is made? :p
Small fun 2 Sat 18 Oct 2014 18:23
<Jim> Nice mini puzzles Mark, this was the hardest of the three for me.
Mac Thu 09 Oct 2014 17:31
<Ilya> I forgot this when I published this... ONLY USE THIS WITH THE DEFAULT SIZE OF THE ESCAPE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Because if you don't, it will look wrong.
gpbrphfd Fri 03 Oct 2014 19:09
<Ilya> gpbrphfd stands for "green panel button red panel heartframer door"
Crazy Level Thu 02 Oct 2014 22:57
<N7DOT> Welcome to escape! You may want to make your levels a bit more challenging or engaging, as these two pose no puzzle and they are fairly empty (although difficult levels that actively utilize lots of empty space are often fairly good, as long as that empty space is not more than needed.)

So with that said, I hope you will be able to contribute some fresh new ideas with your next levels :)
Mods chat level Sat 20 Sep 2014 06:24
<Dave> Devin, love the Square Slots idea, I just haven't yet come up with anything original to add that will do it justice. I vote for keeping the rooms independent as intended and this , this is a series that should and will evolve slowly.
Intense Plumbing Fri 05 Sep 2014 11:40
<Garygoh884> If I'd reuploaded the next level for fixing, its solution would be identical to this level's. I don't want my levels to be easily solved by just replication commands.

This does so for fixed levels in triage, right? Because of this, they do have a lower style rating in nature. They're quickly solved. And they follow a similar pattern inherited from previous solutions from originals. Those reasons drew my concern over uploading cookable levels. I preferably avoid uploading those levels in future just for plain fixations.
Drive Over Sun 31 Aug 2014 02:59
<Dave> Hi Gary,
Don't worry about it. A couple of early levels in my name weren't even created by me but by a colleauge using my account; I wan't to delete them but I can't because they are legitimate un-cooked levels complete with ratings and speedruns.
Levels NEVER get deleted anyway they just get demoted to the graveyard.
I, for one, have loved your levels over the last couple of years, they bear your signature in their style: a minimalism that it is hard to emulate, impossible in my case. A new 'Gary level' is always a pleasure irrespective of how difficult it is.
Thank you.
Multipurpose Sat 30 Aug 2014 13:34
<devin> You're welcome.
Mods chat level Sun 24 Aug 2014 16:32
<mark> Nice solve Jim ....TKCS I have been playing around with this level all day .
I could not get what I had wanted but something similar.
Only just finished it but I had not seen your speedrun then.
I'm just going to throw it out there without testing as no time left.

<mark> Nice solve Jim and of course a different way.
Just solved a level in the old version and them bookmarks make a big difference.
I think there is about ten obvious levels out there for me to do but they are against a timer.
The new bookmarks will help me polish them off.
Just got to find them.
Cheers to escape !! by RAINKING a fine example of why yoy need more bookmarks.
On my first play through lots of hard things to learn but did not realise the timing element .
I'd bookmarked at the end so I can now just go back and tighten up all the elements.
I know I could have just created numerous accounts to get through this problem but then remembering which was which was to tedious.
Anyhow I got the old version to play the malformed levels (thanks Dave for info) and to tell the truth can see no difference in play to the new one. So you did do yourself a favour not updating.
Ps Nearly finished a new mod of a very easy triage level , should be fun.
<Dave> Actually, thinking back, I seem to remember that noname nailed the bookmark bug. It certainly all made sense at the time anyway. I have no idea whether he managed to compile a fixed version though...

<Dave> Hi Jim. Tom is already well aware of the 'bookmark bug' in latest version. I think it only applies to the Windows install anyway, the compilations for other platforms are still based on the old version without the bug.

I can't remember all the differences but there aren't many. Here's the few I can recall: 1. Bookmark bug!; 2. Teleport animation; 3. Anti-radiant sanity testing.

Unless someone can get the source to compile debugging it is irrelevant anyway. I've tried in numerous verions of VC++ (including 6.0 which it was originally written in, I beleive) with various versions of the SDK libs and got nowhere. Then again, I've only ever been a semi-professional programmer at best (except ASM, and that's been a while) so if Tom can't do it I'm probably pi**ing in the wind.

noname and wowei are pretty on to it and might be able to help... I'm stumped.
<mark> Nice one Jim just tried the older version and I can have as many bookmarks as I want.
In the newer version if you make a bookmark at a certain point then go a bit further and want to make a new bookmark it just ignores you.
You have to delete the old one to get a new one.
So it always keeps your mistakes and if you have found something really hard later on I'm to reluctant to delete it in case i cant remember what I did.
I guess I'm going to play the harder levels in the old version from now on.
<mark> Correction 2233/2433
<Dave> Cheers Jim. Just having a dabble to shake the rust off. There's a lot of levels to catch up on, it'll take a while. Bob18 can stay on the back burner for now...

'Enigma' is presumably noname's mod 'Planetary Enigma' from the second wave of 7B7B mods (which I seem to recall you started .) It's in deleted levels.
Multipurpose Sun 27 Jul 2014 18:51
<Edvaldo.C Ma> Here and the Edvaldo (Brasil), thanks for quote my name, devin.
Small 30 (fix) Sun 27 Jul 2014 02:40
<Edvaldo.C Ma> Bem feito, mas facil.
revenge of the computers 4 Sun 27 Jul 2014 02:39
<Edvaldo.C Ma> Este nivel foi incrivelmente bem planejado, parece simples, mas nao e para qualquer um, pois e muito dificil de resolver apesar de parecer facil.
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