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deep ocean Sun 27 Nov 2016 17:46
<devin> Moved to graveyard.
Lab Explaining Every Block Again Sat 26 Nov 2016 17:00
<mark> 'Lab Explaining Every Block Again' uploaded by mark.
Lab Explaining Every Block Thu 24 Nov 2016 01:51
<CoolGuyInCap> 'Lab Explaining Every Block' uploaded by CoolGuyInCap:
My first level!

I tried to include every blocks and bots here, and the result is chaotic as hell. Well, enjoy.
Level1 Tue 15 Nov 2016 06:25
<Tom 7> (admin) Automatically moved to minor leagues.
(Difficulty: 1.6 Style: 2.4)
deep ocean Fri 11 Nov 2016 16:12
<devin> 'deep ocean' uploaded by devin.
Modify Again 3 Tue 08 Nov 2016 23:51
<devin> Sorry, would delete but I am not sure which computer I made this on. :(
small bomb room 1 Tue 08 Nov 2016 22:34
<devin> 'small bomb room 1' uploaded by devin:
just an example level for me.
round things Tue 08 Nov 2016 22:16
<devin> 'round things' uploaded by devin:
foreseen Mon 07 Nov 2016 22:49
<devin> 'foreseen' uploaded by devin:
almost nothing but harder Wed 21 Sep 2016 13:48
<mark> 'almost nothing but harder' uploaded by mark.
Test solution upload Mon 05 Sep 2016 16:11
<Tom 7> Moved to graveyard:
Well, it says to "delete me".
<Tom 7> Good :)
<Tom 7> 'Test solution upload' uploaded by Tom 7:
Dig my grave!
Blocks and Bombs more Bombing Sun 04 Sep 2016 11:31
<mark> lately
<mark> 'Blocks and Bombs more Bombing' uploaded by mark:
Have fun ....Thanks for all your hard work latley Tom7.
Square Slots SQ 2 (kirima).esx Sat 03 Sep 2016 17:17
<mm> 'Square Slots SQ 2 (kirima).esx' uploaded by mm:
I thought we should continue...! These squares seem very small, almost too small IMO, maybe we could use two of them? (I made this very easy mod in order to push the level up again.)
TransporterMalfunction Sat 03 Sep 2016 13:26
<Tom 7> Annoying, even with ctrl-d!
Panel Play 2 + Who Let the Bots Out? Thu 01 Sep 2016 16:10
<mm> Excellent mod, Mark! Very nifty & sneaky... (My solution is about the same as the original, so I think it's pretty tight.)

& again: Thank you so much, Tom7, for all the updates, it's so much fun to play again, and everything seems to work fine on OS X El Capitan.

PLUS: Happy 20th Birthday to this wonderful game! :)
-Level 1 Mon 29 Aug 2016 06:25
<Tom 7> (admin) Automatically moved to minor leagues.
(Difficulty: 2.2 Style: 2.4)
Block Sufficienies Sat 27 Aug 2016 15:43
<Tom 7> I thought this level was pretty elegant, nice job. :)
Panel Play 2 + Who Let the Bots Out? Fri 26 Aug 2016 15:38
<mark> 'Panel Play 2 + Who Let the Bots Out?' uploaded by mark.
the new 2017 escape is on sale Fri 19 Aug 2016 06:41
<Tom 7> (admin) Automatically moved to minor leagues.
(Difficulty: 1.0 Style: 1.0)
Foot Work Fri 19 Aug 2016 06:41
<Tom 7> (admin) Automatically moved to minor leagues.
(Difficulty: 2.8 Style: 2.4)
Block Sufficienies Thu 26 May 2016 10:14
<Garygoh884> 'Block Sufficienies' uploaded by Garygoh884:
Uploading this level as part of my group work. It's a boss level, so it has to be a great deal of challenge and fun than most previous levels.

And, oh. That were the rubrics of level design. Like in the olden days (somewhere around 2008 to 2010), there were no signs of how mature they were in the making and uploading of this level. Most didn't make the cut. I was the one involved. It was an explosive shift of the upcoming levels.

As Escape travelled throughout the years, there were a good deal of levels (fun and challenging) appeared throughout the triage. However, the game's popularity staggered. If there's a way to spring this game back into top publicity, it could be available in Steam (like the versions ported for MS-DOS and NES in the golden age). There's a percentage of experienced players out there, and may hold level designing skills in my opinion.

Escape can't be always a standstill. It's still in the third version of Beta. For the current players, keep on creating these levels. It has something to do with entertainment for fun and challenge.

Thanks for reading, and for your continued interest in Escape and in puzzling fun.

- Gary Goh Jun Hong (Garygoh884)
-Level 1 Thu 26 May 2016 00:39
<Assignmentst> '-Level 1' uploaded by Assignmentst.
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