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"Grand Prix (v3)" by mjn

added 07 May 2005 02:33
Shortest Solution
On09 Jul 2005 12:17

Comments (turn spoilers on)
3609 Grand Prix (v3) Tom 7 (1) Mon 18 Jul 2005 09:27  
  Yes, I wish I could solve this one so that I could give it a great rating.
3608 Grand Prix (v3) John Lewis (411) Mon 18 Jul 2005 06:22  
  This whole level has me baffled! Definitely one of the most stylish ones out there though...
3606 Grand Prix (v3) Dorothy (546) Mon 18 Jul 2005 00:53  
  Getting the Red and the Blue in the right spots at the end has me baffled....
2429 Grand Prix (v3) Max (61) Mon 09 May 2005 13:59  
  I don't know what you changed, but for some reason the first part of this level, on which I was absolutely stranded forever on the other version, seems really easy now. At the moment, however, I'm still stuck on the home stretch...
2399 Grand Prix (v3) mjn (118) Sat 07 May 2005 02:34  
2398 Grand Prix (v3) mjn (118) Sat 07 May 2005 02:33  
  'Grand Prix (v3)' uploaded by mjn.