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"Guesswork (mod)" by noname (mod by Kacper)

added 06 Dec 2007 12:02
Shortest Solution
Length47 moves
On28 Mar 2019 03:53

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20330 Guesswork (mod) noname (559) Thu 28 Mar 2019 03:53 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 47 moves (old: 49).
10751 Guesswork (mod) cameron (1817) Wed 28 May 2008 01:39  
  This isnt fair. This takes no skill, and I dont wana take the time to try all the diffrent possibiltys. pleas some tell me the anser
9906 Guesswork (mod) Tom 7 (1) Sat 19 Jan 2008 04:02  
  (admin) Automatically moved to minor leagues.
(Difficulty: 0.8 Style: 0.8)
9358 Guesswork (mod) Eric119 (921) Thu 06 Dec 2007 20:24  
  I think 2^15 is more than "a bit better" than 15!. 32768 versus 1307674368000.
9357 Guesswork (mod) Eric119 (921) Thu 06 Dec 2007 20:18 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 49 moves (old: 57).
9354 Guesswork (mod) Tom 7 (1) Thu 06 Dec 2007 18:53  
  There are actually 2 to the 15th power (32768) combinations, which is a bit better than 15 factorial. I will probably just open this one in the editor to solve it--noname's observation that a bot on a wire is a pixel-perfect way to hide some information was quite a brilliant subversion of one of Escape's core principles: that the puzzle should not be based on hidden information. I still consider this a bug and intend to add a key to let you see through bots, like there's a key to show the destination of panels and bot numbers and the contents of the alternate layer.
9352 Guesswork (mod) Gil Anthony (1368) Thu 06 Dec 2007 16:22  
  Now your talking, this is one mind messing level. Only one combination of 15! is the right one....very very very few to none people will solve this one.In fact you and Tom VII maybe the only two to complete it.If I Do It'll be sure luck! for now I'm clueless.A+ level in my book.GIL ANTHONY
9338 Guesswork (mod) Kacper (1611) Thu 06 Dec 2007 12:02  
  'Guesswork (mod)' uploaded by Kacper:
Maximum # of bots!!HAHAHA!!!!!