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"Potholes and Traffic" by Max

added 31 Dec 1969 19:00
Shortest Solution
Length144 moves
ByJohn Lewis
On17 Aug 2005 20:21

Comments (turn spoilers off)
5827 Potholes and Traffic wowei (685) Wed 12 Apr 2006 10:48 SPOILER
  oh my, I never really noticed that you can go "under the truck". I always thought it is one of the nearly unsolvable levels.

Well, it still is a very-hard-to-see level and I simply love the picture.

Perhaps now I can go and solve the other truck-level ;) (#807 "i htae the 405")
3941 Potholes and Traffic John Lewis (411) Wed 17 Aug 2005 20:21 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 144 moves (old: 153).
Thanks to noname for this idea!
3922 Potholes and Traffic Max (61) Mon 15 Aug 2005 01:11 SPOILER
  A good way to check whether or not you've cooked a level is to look at the Original solution to the level. As far as I know, that's the only way to cover the panel so no, that's not a cook, John!
3917 Potholes and Traffic John Lewis (411) Sun 14 Aug 2005 21:47 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 153 moves (old: 179).
Cook: Used a red block to hold down the panel on the right. Or is this the intended solution? :-)
1503 Potholes and Traffic Fish Fry (229) Mon 04 Apr 2005 09:04 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 179 moves (old: 228).
887 Potholes and Traffic Max (61) Wed 30 Mar 2005 09:45 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 228 moves (old: 999999).