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"Treehouse" by Max

added 31 Dec 1969 19:00
Shortest Solution
NameSpeed record
Length148 moves
On08 Oct 2018 17:19

Comments (turn spoilers off)
20294 Treehouse PaulG (3156) Mon 08 Oct 2018 17:19 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 148 moves (old: 152).
4912 Treehouse jojo (601) Sun 25 Dec 2005 11:38 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 152 moves (old: 168).
3122 Treehouse Tom 7 (1) Mon 20 Jun 2005 15:38 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 168 moves (old: 172).
Pointless speedrunning...
2644 Treehouse Doom (371) Sat 21 May 2005 19:11 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 172 moves (old: 999999).
359 Treehouse Tom 7 (1) Mon 21 Feb 2005 10:03  
  Yeah. ;)
357 Treehouse Max (61) Mon 21 Feb 2005 09:47  
  Hey, it worked! This is a very cool thing to know for... I guess just this situation! ;)
354 Treehouse Max (61) Mon 21 Feb 2005 00:28  
  Okay, I guess I'll fix this at Some Point, then!
352 Treehouse Tom 7 (1) Sun 20 Feb 2005 23:35  
  Well, the game keeps backups of the player file, which is where the old solutions are stored. If you browse inside Escape.App/Contents/MacOS you can find them; they'll be called something like Max.esp~2559. The biggest number will be the newest. To recover it, rename it to something like Max2.esp. Then on the player select screen, choose Import and type Max2.esp.

Also, the solution that you uploaded when you uploaded the level is probably still on the server, but there's currently no way to make use of it. I'm adding that stuff at some point...
351 Treehouse Max (61) Sun 20 Feb 2005 23:26  
  Hey Tom, is there, by any chance, a way to recover old solutions? I just solved this without using the grey blocks and now I can't remember at all why I used them in the first place. The frustrating part is that I remember that it was a REALLY intricate solution that I spent a lot of time on. Oh well...
349 Treehouse Max (61) Sun 20 Feb 2005 22:54 SPOILER
  Oh awesome, I forgot that I can just watch my solution in fast-forward mode. Yeah, I used them. Hm.
348 Treehouse Max (61) Sun 20 Feb 2005 22:53 SPOILER
  Man, I hardly even remember, but I think that I did use those grey blocks. I'll get around to fixing this maybe. Maybe not...
344 Treehouse Tom 7 (1) Sun 20 Feb 2005 20:05 SPOILER
  I didn't need them either for my solution.
341 Treehouse jcreed (223) Sun 20 Feb 2005 16:07 SPOILER
  Cook: I didn't use any of those three gray blocks on the left inside the treehouse. Are they just a red herring?