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"Mixed Sides" by Henri Kareinen

added 13 Jul 2005 08:22
Shortest Solution
On23 Aug 2005 23:04

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3547 Mixed Sides Max (61) Wed 13 Jul 2005 23:18  
  Very cool concept! I'll have to give this a serious try tomorrow.
3528 Mixed Sides Tom 7 (1) Wed 13 Jul 2005 10:53  
  Damn! I separated the blocks without counting the number of gray ones, so I screwed myself. ;) This is a nice puzzle, though, which I will attempt again soon...
3527 Mixed Sides Doom (371) Wed 13 Jul 2005 08:22  
  'Mixed Sides' uploaded by Doom:
A small block puzzle with a theme that I don't remember seeing in any other levels yet.