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"Reversi" by John Lewis

added 02 Jul 2005 20:11
Shortest Solution
Length249 moves
ByJohn Lewis
On02 Jul 2005 20:11

Comments (turn spoilers off)
20611 Reversi Matt (3200) Sat 11 Jul 2020 00:04 SPOILER
  There is in fact a second solution of length 249: in steps 186-190, walk the other way around the green steel. :)
3491 Reversi Milton (419) Tue 12 Jul 2005 14:32  
  As far as I can tell, the original solution is going to be the final speedrun.
3355 Reversi Tom 7 (1) Tue 05 Jul 2005 00:01  
  Yes, that's right.
3352 Reversi mjn (118) Mon 04 Jul 2005 22:26  
  Wow, this is a cool level.

I don't see any other way to do it, either. (When Ctrl-D in the solution manager doesn't do anything, that means your solution is the exact same as the original/speedrun, right?)
3346 Reversi Tom 7 (1) Sun 03 Jul 2005 20:58  
  Man, hard...
3345 Reversi John Lewis (411) Sun 03 Jul 2005 20:57 SPOILER
  Oops...I meant "So far, I haven't found any alternate solutions yet." :-) (ambiguous indefinite pronoun reference mistake...)
3344 Reversi John Lewis (411) Sun 03 Jul 2005 20:56 SPOILER
  That's good...I was really worried someone would find a clever alternate solution to this one. Originally, I didn't even have a trap one space below and to the left of the left-most switch. Also, instead of two-way traps, there were gray blocks to fill up the holes (which didn't quite fit in with the color scheme :-)). Therefore, it was possible to push the two green blocks on the bottom left corner, go all the way around to the top and around to the middle bottom area, and finish with one trap left over. (The intended solution uses every single trap.) So...I added in the extra trap on the left side (which made the level even more confusing and caused me to wonder if there was another solution lurking out there). So far, I haven't found any yet. Thanks, Doom!
3338 Reversi Doom (371) Sun 03 Jul 2005 06:55 SPOILER
  Now that I look at it more closely, the level seems to be more rigid than I thought at first. No. I don't think that there are other solutions anymore.
3337 Reversi Doom (371) Sun 03 Jul 2005 06:45  
  My solution was exactly as long as the original. I have no idea if there are different solutions but in a level like this, it's surely a possibility.
3333 Reversi John Lewis (411) Sat 02 Jul 2005 20:14  
  So far, I've found only one way to solve this level. If anyone manages to come up with a different solution, please upload it!
3331 Reversi John Lewis (411) Sat 02 Jul 2005 20:11  
  'Reversi' uploaded by John Lewis.