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"I've missed nothing" by OCTweak (mod N7DOT)

added 15 Oct 2019 04:33
Shortest Solution
Length135 moves
On15 Oct 2019 20:00

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20418 I've missed nothing N7DOT (2227) Tue 15 Oct 2019 21:11 SPOILER
  Nah, no need to tell me, I've figured it out now. All of the solutions seem quite different to me, so I think I'll be keeping this one for now.
20417 I've missed nothing mark (2878) Tue 15 Oct 2019 20:00 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 135 moves (old: 223).
A fun mod been playing all evening, my solution or the speedrun to my mod is no good in this mod.
I have a very long and difficult solution that will give a big hint to my mod.
If you want I can post it to this for you just let me know.
20416 I've missed nothing N7DOT (2227) Tue 15 Oct 2019 04:57 SPOILER
  me not noticing that is kinda ironic given the name of the leve, now that I think about it :p

I have no idea how similar the two mods are currently, but I suspect mine is probably easier since I currently don't know how to beat mark's version.
20415 I've missed nothing N7DOT (2227) Tue 15 Oct 2019 04:43  
  I just realized mark already did a mod of this one, oops! I'm going to go compare this against that one to see whether I should keep this one.
20414 I've missed nothing N7DOT (2227) Tue 15 Oct 2019 04:33  
  'I've missed nothing' uploaded by N7DOT:
Inspired by mark's frequent use of old levels as backbones for new ones, I decided to go looking through old levels myself to see if I could find one that I could use to do the same. This is the result of that endeavor :)