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"Dial a Challenge" by N7DOT

added 21 May 2014 23:13
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On08 Sep 2020 12:50

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19278 Dial a Challenge N7DOT (2227) Sun 01 Jun 2014 02:41  
  Moved to graveyard:
doesn't work the way it is supposed to. not sure how to fix this, but anyone is welcome to try their hand at patching it up if they wish (and optionally making it harder)
19277 Dial a Challenge N7DOT (2227) Sun 01 Jun 2014 02:40  
  Unfortunately this level is broken anyway (nobody tried using more than two bots yet?) so I'll be sending this to the graveyard.
19205 Dial a Challenge N7DOT (2227) Wed 21 May 2014 23:13  
  'Dial a Challenge' uploaded by N7DOT:
Re-Upload due to server-side broken level wipe.

Choose the number of bots you want and see if you can escape! Should be harder with more bots, if you want a harder challenge.