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"tesseract" by benjamin

added 20 Dec 2013 00:49
Shortest Solution
Length24 moves
On18 Jul 2017 06:02

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20149 tesseract noname (559) Tue 18 Jul 2017 06:02 SPOILER
  Added speedrun: 24 moves (old: 36).
Optimal solution first found by analysis, then verified by computer.
18873 tesseract N7DOT (2227) Fri 20 Dec 2013 22:06  
  It would be nice if you added some way to see what the puzzle is implementin, and what each move did on the tesseract. (a comment describing in fuller detail would be nice too)
18870 tesseract Dave (2400) Fri 20 Dec 2013 02:30 SPOILER
  Interesting problem. My first reaction after reading you comment is to tackle it from a completely different angle. Whether my thinking is correct remains to be seen. Hopefully have time to do a bit of programming over the weekend. :)
18868 tesseract benjamin (2983) Fri 20 Dec 2013 00:49  
  'tesseract' uploaded by benjamin:
All of the wire tiles that must be in place to finish the level represent vertices on a 4d hypercube, as do the buttons that you can press. When pressing a button, it activates vertices connected to it in 4d space. I generated this level using a program, and the maximum number of moves needed for any configuration that I have found searching through literally thousands of them is 5. I am attempting to figure out why that is the case. There are 32768 possible configurations, but only a few of them are solvable. When running my program on completely random levels instead of scrambled levels I never found a solvable one (giving up after 10 moves and running for 30 minutes).