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"Go exit a sheep" by Ian

added 08 Jul 2007 16:28
Shortest Solution
On08 Jul 2007 16:28

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8233 Go exit a sheep wowei (685) Wed 11 Jul 2007 17:09  
  isnt this a cutie :)
8230 Go exit a sheep Tom 7 (1) Tue 10 Jul 2007 20:58  
  Gil: I had to change the IP address of the server, so it was down for a few hours and connection problems may persist for a day or two. Let me know if you keep having troubles at the end of the week!
8225 Go exit a sheep Gil Anthony (1368) Tue 10 Jul 2007 17:08  
  nice one but,is the escape server down or am i just being blocked?
8222 Go exit a sheep Ian (1262) Sun 08 Jul 2007 16:28  
  'Go exit a sheep' uploaded by Ian:
I tried to make it as impossible to exit the head as possible, but leave a comment if you get out of the head and still win.