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"Newark Liberty Airport (EWR)" by Tom 7

added 01 Dec 2006 21:51
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On25 Jul 2018 03:04

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13193 Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) Tom 7 (1) Tue 24 Nov 2009 19:51  
  Thanks. :)
13173 Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) radiant (1469) Sun 22 Nov 2009 18:19  
  What a level to mark 1469 clear in triage.

Once you figure it out, it's nothing short of the game's quintessential storytelling level.
12146 Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) gary (1998) Thu 09 Apr 2009 04:01  
  I have solved it!
9339 Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) Kacper (1611) Thu 06 Dec 2007 12:22  
  When I play gold block pushing puzzles,I usually have 1 left over.I'll keep on practice.
7697 Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) mm (690) Mon 12 Mar 2007 06:24  
  Got it! What a superbe level and fascinating challenge! :-)
7314 Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) mm (690) Sat 16 Dec 2006 20:36  


Congratulations! :-)
7312 Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) wowei (685) Sat 16 Dec 2006 19:06  
  congrats Tom!

well, of course I mean for hanging around at Newark airport, where they are so harsh to innocent foreigners and lock them up while phoning with the wrong calling card. Not to mention all those lazer-guns aiming at poor, lost travellers while they wanna check-in. ;)) :]

to be serious again, I'm totally fascinated by these three extraordinary puzzles. Merged together the result is an absolutely great piece of art here. d=10 s=10

if we will get a master-piece like that all the time you miss a connecting flight, I hope it'll happen to you more often! ;)
7307 Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) noname (559) Mon 11 Dec 2006 02:10  
  Oops. Somehow I failed to see Tom's comments before I posted my previous rather stupid one.

By the way, Tom, which parts of the level are computer generated?
7286 Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) Tom 7 (1) Fri 01 Dec 2006 22:00  
  Also the author credit should technically be Tom 7 + Computer, sorry.
7285 Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) Tom 7 (1) Fri 01 Dec 2006 21:51  
  'Newark Liberty Airport (EWR)' uploaded by Tom 7:
Based on the true story of the 15 hours I spent in the Newark Liberty International airport after missing my connecting flight by 5 minutes. Take the tram to gate A and phone the airline for another flight. Don't forget to pick up dinner and pay for 24 hours of wireless service!