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"Too Many Lasers (2 bots)" by Henri Kareinen (mod by wowei)

added 10 May 2006 16:30
Shortest Solution
On27 Mar 2014 14:38

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6061 Too Many Lasers (2 bots) wowei (685) Wed 10 May 2006 18:23  
  oops, henri do you mean same thing with only one bot?

well, maybe my mod was cooked already a yera ago. :-/ i didnt solve "the only bot" yet, i'll give it a try.
6057 Too Many Lasers (2 bots) Doom (371) Wed 10 May 2006 16:47  
  You may be interested in knowing that noname has also made a mod of this level.

It's called "The Only Dalek" and doesn't contain any of those panels, or the bot behind the red door.

That's not to say it's any easier than the original, though...
6056 Too Many Lasers (2 bots) wowei (685) Wed 10 May 2006 16:30  
  'Too Many Lasers (2 bots)' uploaded by wowei:
with your allowens, Henry, my solution simply cried for a second version of your great riddle